Lot for Sale in Iloilo City

Lot for Sale in Pavia, Iloilo (Near Iloilo City and Iloilo Airport)

99 sqm sqm Vacant Lot in Camella Savannah Iloiilo

Lot for Sale in Pavia, Iloilo (Near Iloilo City and Iloilo Airport)
₱ 10,390

Location: Pavia, Iloilo (Near Iloilo City and Iloilo Airport)
Lot Area: 99 sqm
Floor Area: N.A.
Bedrooms: N.A.
Toilet & Bath: N.A.
Carports: N.A.
Total Contract Price:

₱ 3,458,000

Down Payment: Starts at ₱ 10,390
Reservation Fee: ₱ 20,000

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Camella Iloilo Location Map and Establishments in Iloilo

Upscale community in an ideal location

Camella Iloilo Location and Amenities

Camella Iloilo lies along the skirts of the booming province of Iloilo where everything that you could possibly need for both necessity and leisure is just a few minutes away! The village is just 15 minutes away from the Ilioilo Airport and 20 minutes away from the biggest shopping malls. You will never run out of places to visit when you want to relax, watch a movie, dine, or shop for both groceries and clothes in Camella Iloilo! In Camella Iloilo you are assured that everything you need is within your reach.

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About Iloilo City

Embrace the charms of Iloilo, a province nestled at the heart of the Philippines, where echoes of history, a rich tapestry of culture, and the beauty of nature harmoniously coalesce. Iloilo speaks through its iconic landmarks like the elegant Molo Church and the nostalgic allure of Calle Real, each one a tribute to its historical legacy. Yet, Iloilo is more than a testament to its past-it is a province that strides confidently into the modern age while cherishing its roots. Within this bustling metropolis lie retail havens like Robinsons Iloilo and SM City Iloilo, designed to cater to every taste and preference. Prestigious educational institutions such as St. Paul University Iloilo and West Visayas State University are nurturing grounds for the intellects of tomorrow. The magnetic appeal of Iloilo extends to its natural wonders, inviting you to embark on a 30-minute voyage via Rada Street to Oton. Here, explore the captivating Islas de Gigantes, the serene Bantigue Island, and the enigmatic Pawikan Cave. If adventure beckons, venture forth on a 25-minute drive via Iloilo City-Aleosan Road to reach San Miguel Iloilo and immerse yourself in the breathtaking Garin Farm. Sicogon Island, a sanctuary of natural beauty, invites you to discover its wonders. The accessibility in Iloilo is a unique advantage, where a mere 20-minute drive via Old Iloilo-Capiz Road leads you to Iloilo International Airport, connecting you seamlessly to various destinations. The ongoing Iloilo-Capiz-Aklan Expressway promises heightened connectivity, guaranteeing convenience as you traverse the region. As day transitions to night, Iloilo's vibrant energy comes to life through the illuminated streets of Calle Real. The night unveils the lively lifestyle of the city, offering an array of dining options, entertainment, and cultural events that epitomize Iloilo's distinct identity. Iloilo is a province where every road narrates a tale of history, every corner reflects its vibrant culture, and every moment presents an opportunity to discover something new. Step into Iloilo, where tradition gracefully meets modernity, and the realm of possibilities is boundless. Welcome to Iloilo, where the embrace of heritage enriches the dreams of today. Our house and lots in Camella Iloilo City are crafted for the connoisseurs of life-come, and make Iloilo your home.


Camella Iloilo HOUSES

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Village Address: Camella Iloilo is located in Orchard Enclave along Savannah Main Road, Vista City Iloilo, Pulo Maestra Vita, Oton-Pavia-San Miguel Iloilo City, Iloilo, Philippines..

The developer shall exert all efforts to conform to the specifications cited herein.
The developer reserves the right to alter plans, as may be deemed necessary, in the best interest of the developer and the client.


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28 November 2023

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