Condo for Sale in Iloilo City


Augusta Residences

Condo for Sale in Iloilo City

Condo for Sale in Iloilo City
Augusta Residences
Augusta ResidencesAugusta ResidencesAugusta ResidencesAugusta ResidencesAugusta Residences
Introducing Augusta Residences Iloilo – Where sophistication meets convenience in the vibrant heart of Iloilo. Discover shopping, healthcare, and iconic attractions with ease. Experience urban luxury at its finest. Explore our condominium units – contact us to reserve yours today!
Location:Brgy. Abilay Norte Oton, Iloilo, Iloilo City, Philippines (close to business district near beach)
Amenities:Smart Home, Swimming Pool, Clubhouse, CCTV, Roof Deck, Fitness Gym
Downpayment:Please contact us for more information.
Website:Augusta Residences by Vista Estates

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About Iloilo City

Welcome to Iloilo, a province in the heart of the Philippines, where history, culture, and natural beauty seamlessly intertwine. Iloilo is a place where the past whispers through its historic churches like the beautiful Molo Church and the grandeur of Calle Real. These architectural wonders stand as a testament to Iloilo's rich history and colonial heritage. But Iloilo is not just about history. It's a province that embraces modernity while honoring its traditions. The bustling metropolis is adorned with shopping centers like Robinsons Iloilo and SM City Iloilo, catering to diverse tastes and preferences. St. Paul University Iloilo and West Visayas State University are educational pillars, shaping the minds of the future. Iloilo's allure extends to its natural wonders. Take a 30-minute journey via Rada Street to reach Oton and explore Islas de Gigantes, Bantigue Island, and the mystical Pawikan Cave. If you seek adventure, embark on a 25-minute drive via Iloilo City-Aleosan Road to reach San Miguel Iloilo and delve into the beauty of Garin Farm. Sicogon Island, a haven of natural beauty, awaits exploration. The convenience of transportation is a unique advantage. Iloilo International Airport is just a 20-minute drive via Old Iloilo-Capiz Road, connecting you to various destinations. The ongoing Iloilo-Capiz-Aklan Expressway promises enhanced connectivity, ensuring ease of travel within the region. As the day ends, the city comes alive with the vibrant lights of Calle Real. The night offers a glimpse into Iloilo's lively lifestyle, with a variety of dining options, entertainment, and events that celebrate the city's culture. Iloilo is a province where every road is a journey through history, every corner is a reflection of its vibrant culture, and every moment is an opportunity to discover something new. Welcome to Iloilo, where tradition meets modernity, and the possibilities are endless. Discover the epitome of modern living in the heart of this dynamic city with Vista Land Iloilo City. Our projects redefine urban living, offering stylish condominiums that blend comfort, luxury, and functionality. Embrace a lifestyle that combines contemporary aesthetics with unparalleled convenience. With Vista Land Iloilo City, home becomes a haven where elegance meets everyday ease. Your dream residence awaits-seize the opportunity for a sophisticated living experience in Iloilo City.



Properties for Sale in Iloilo City by Vista Land

Please contact us for the latest discounts and pricing.
Hotlines:  +63 977 819-6554 / +63 917 583-6391
Viber/WhatsApp/WeChat: +63 977 819-6554

The developer shall exert all efforts to conform to the specifications cited herein.
The developer reserves the right to alter plans, as may be deemed necessary, in the best interest of the developer and the client.


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18 July 2024

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